Calendar Categories

Does any one know how to make a categorized calendar?

I use the calendar component and would like to make two categories, “Private Schedule” and “Team’s Schedule.” Is it possible to change the color of the components of “Private schedule” in order for users to tell one from the other? Also, I would like to know if I can make the components of “Private schedule” visible only to the logged in user.

Thank you in advance for your kind help!

Hi @Yuka,

I don’t think such functionality is possible at the moment :frowning:
The only workaround is to have 2 different calendars…

Best regards, Victor

I havent tried this, but I could imagine that there is a work-around using “invisible input fields” to filter the Calendar items (TLDR I was too lazy to populate a collection).

But here is the example in theory:

  1. The calendar item collection needs a category property.
  2. Then you set up a small input field with white text somewhere and name the field “Calendar Filter”
  3. Now set the calendar to a custom filter like this:

4. Each time you wanna filter your calendar category, you set that input field wither with an action or manually with a button (if you wanna have the user filter manually)

Theoretically it should work :grin:

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The problem is with the colors :slight_smile:

Oh… now I see it too… :smiley: Well, I’ll head back to elementary school and learn to read.


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