Calendar component does not seem working

I’m trying to use the calendar component but does not seem working. The screenshot below is the properties of the calendar collection.

There are 3 records saved however they are not simply visible on the calendar below.

Is there any tutorials available?

Hi @BladingB,

How did you set up the component itself? What is stored in DB collection (start time, finish time)?


Hello @Victor

What do you mean by how I set up the component itself?

The properties stored in DB are as shown in the first screenshot.

He has a Calander database!

@BladingB is calendar “Date and time” or “Date” only?

It’s “Date and time”

Hi @BladingB,

By “Setting up” I meant “setting up” - what settings did you do in Calendar :slight_smile:
Reg. DB - my question was not about the properties, but rather what values do you store there, specifically - which events you’ve created that you don’t see.

Anyway, as I see it is easier to create a tutorial about the calendar (as I see there is none yet).
Enjoy the sneak-peek: Adalo components basics: Calendar overview and Set Up - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi @B0untiful_26,

Of course I’ve seen that the Calendar DB Collection exists.

If the events from this DB Collection is not shown in the calendar, then there are 2 possible causes:

  • either the events are stored incorrectly (start time and finish time are set in a wrong way)
  • or the calendar is set up incorrectly, so that start time and finish time from this collection isn’t there.

These was the questions I’ve asked.

BR, Victor

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