Calendar component doesn't work

I’m having trouble with the calendar component. When I’m previewing, clicking on a date with events doesn’t do anything. I have it set to run an action and link to another screen (see screenshot), but doesn’t go anywhere. It also doesn’t open agenda view when the date has more than one event.
I have this problem in 3 my apps.
I tried to delete, create new one calendar, new collections, new screens, even new apps - nothing helps.

Hi, @maria! Welcome to the Community!

Could you put the screenshot? I don’t see it.

If you still have a problem, submit a support ticket to the Adalo Support Team


I think it doesn’t work on any of the days except for Jan 1st because in the Database you didn’t add events for that day.

I added, you can see it in screenshot


Could you take a picture of the calendar component in the left panel?


I think your problem is because of your range. If you look you will notice that none of the days are solid black after January 1st.

The default range was between Jan 1st 2020 and Jan 1st 2021.

If you adjust the range it should work.

You can find this under “Navigation”

You might want to adjust the default date range for the calendar. The default is set to end on January 1st 2021. I think a lot of people will probably have issues if they don’t notice.


:woman_facepalming: Really!))) Thank you!

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