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Hello everyone,

I manage to have a calendar, with dots when one or severals events are going to a date.
When I click a date :

  • if there is only one event that day : it links to the event page.
  • if there are severals events that same day : it links to the calendar event page.

I would like the calendar links to a events page :
→ I click to a date, and it will open a page with a list of all the events going on that day.

In an other word, I just want the calendar to be a link (due to specific day).
Is that possible ?

English is not ma native langage, I hope you could understand my message.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @RomLo ,

I would suggest to build your own calendar using custom list, you can have so much customization, but in the expense of more complicated nature of more collections and screens dedicated to it.

I have an example as date picker using custom calendar (not calendar component), you can search komun template for that.

With custom list, you can have image, icon inside the day in the monthly calendar and so on.

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