Calendar Strip Component Bug

@anon78309838 The bug that was highlighted in the below post still exists:

Did you get a chance to follow up with the developer?

There is also an issue when you click on any date from the subsequent week, the calendar week changes back to the current week, which is a bad user experience.

Would really appreciate a follow-up on this.


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Hello @anon78309838,

Could you please have this checked?


The developer of the component has been contacted and made aware of this issue with the component. The last contact was made again on August 19th by an Adalo team member to try to get this issue addressed by them.

If we do not receive an answer from the developer in the coming week, we will take action ourselves on this matter.

Thank you. I will follow up next week.

Hi @anon78309838,

Following up if you got a chance to reach out to the developer? If not, will your team be able to look at this, please?


The developer has got back to us saying they will resolve the issue. I have requested an update on the current status.


Thanks! I will follow up next week :slight_smile:

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