Docs or Tutorials for Calendar Strip component?

There needs to be an easier way, or included way from the component selector to access docs, tutorials etc.

Is there documenation or a tutorial somewhere on how to use the Calendar Strip component?

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There is currently no documentation on this as of now. It is still in the works. Is there something specific I can help with perhaps with it?

Thanks Colin, just my opinion, but I don’t think Adalo should be allowing components to be added without some docs, or at least a basic tutorial. It leads to a really bad user experience, especially for new users. These concerns were raised by several members - with examples form Bubble and Wordpress.

I’m trying to figure out how to use the stripe date picker component to affect a list on that page… IE click on the 16th, so that the list only shows items that have a matching date.

There are some parts fo the MultiSelect Dropdown that are not clear either, but stumbling my way through it…

But can’t stress enough how important it is that Adalo take leadership in ensuring components have proper support for users to be able to succeed with them.

Here is a sample video of what I want to do.
How can I get Calendar Strip to affect a list display?

try to add new row in the user table, for example TMPDate and update this date with Calendarstrip action

Thanks I will give that a try… seems like that could get a bit out of hand with old dates etc. So was hoping for a once time use on page type thing…

So gave that a quick try, but the update commands only seem to do time, not date - so it doesn’t seem to work. It is odd that Adalo limits the Date/Time options we can update

Did you have any luck getting this to work @Colin? Is there a way we can contact the developer for support - there does not seem to be a link or anything from the component.

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