Issue with Weekly Calendar Strip or any alternatives to this?

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I am having an issue with the weekly calendar strip component where I cannot click the left or right arrows. It goes next or previous but it takes me back to the main date and looks buggy, I’ve tried deleted and re-adding a new component but cannot find any fixes for this.

Is there any alternative for this component to show a weekly view and click through?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Kasimjh :wave:

You mean when you click this arrows not going Forward or Back?
image image

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Hi @dilon_perera,

Thanks for the reply, yes that’s this when clicking the arrows it goes next but it will take the component back, it’s not running smooth where you can go between the dates it keeps bouncing back.

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Here’s a video that the Calender Strip works on my app.

I think the best is to Submit a Support Ticket.

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Thanks for the video, your one is working smoothly, here is how mine is working for a better understanding -

I will open a ticket with Adalo unless there is something that I have done to cause this issue to happen?


Can you send a screenshot of your setup?

So what is happening is, when clicking on a date it updates a field in the user collection which in turn changes the list to show items on the date selected. The weekly view date is the field which is updated and that field is the default selected date which is using no formatting which works when clicking a date it changes that date to show with a blue circle around it. What have you done differently in your set up to make it work?

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

Your welcome

Here’s a video of my setup.

Thank you

Thank you very much for you help @dilon_perera.

I found out what the issue was through the process of elimination. I started with the calendar strip on the page and it worked fine, I added more components to the screen and found that it was the blip I have in the tab bar to show when a person gets a new message which stays until all messages are read. This blip is a list and this list was causing the issue. I have no idea why but I guess I’ll have to work around it design wise but overall good news that it is working now.

Maybe Adalo can fix this issue or the person that developed the component as I have no idea why that list was causing the issue but the other list on the page wasn’t. I may try to recreate the blip on the page and re-add the rules in and see if it works.

Thanks again for all your help it is much appreciated.

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I have found out that the issue is not the list, it is a issue where anything grouped with the tab bar causes the calendar strip to not work.

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