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I am working on an booking app. I am trying to block all Sundays and Mondays off for being Closed. I am also trying to make it where if an employee is scheduled with another client or if a employee in unavailable for that day/time then it doesn’t show for them as well. And I don’t want it do be something where it has to be adjusted every month. So basically it’s a calender with all the dates except the 2, adjusts every month on its own, removes date if employee is unavailable. Please help.

Hi @Bjones7043 ,

This calendar requirement is not easy, we need to create our own collections to do that and not only one collection but several collections depending on what we are trying to achieve.

I try to replace date picker with custom list and it takes much effort, you can check here,

So, basically we have daily, weekly and yearly collection, on daily we record the unix numbers for date, on weekly we can display the calendar based on our rules such as can be selected or not, on yearly we record the reference numbers to calculate month or day in that year.

Because this solution require collection and have many records, to really experience this, we need to go beyond just 50 records available in free plan.

And merging weekly and scheduling collection will need process to do that and require how many months to be processed, this can be hidden from user, but it is required in the database.

Let me know if you still need specific technical questions regarding the implementation.

Other options is using external services such as calendly etc.

I have read one of the Bubble maker made saas like that, despite of many plugins that Bubble have regarding this.

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