Free Template - Komun for Community Support - In Progress

Hi All,

I am building this cloneable app to extend the free Chat template to include social media functions.

This app is about Community Support that its users can see progress of the activities within a project.

Project is a mission that a community want to accomplish.
Activity is an event to support the project that its participants can comment and reply.

It is useful if the activity is happening offline so each users can participate and taking photo and build momentum which later can be reviewed as successful project.

This is the first iteration and will be just wireframes even though some of the conditionals and actions have been placed, but no data have been stored yet.

The definitions and goal of this app can change over time, but trying to be as simple as possible but as useful as it can be.


Rearrange the fields (properties) in tables (collections)
Create simple entity relationship diagram

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First run for data testing

Rearrange screens on canvas

Add admin boolean field and deleted boolean field
Designated admin (admin=true in users collection) can add project and add participants to activitiy, as well as delete them.
Deleting project, activity, comment will update the deleted boolean field as true, which makes them hidden from the list, the exceptions are for activity photos and replies as they don’t have child collection to be handled.

Add Start Date and End Date as Date (not Date Time) in projects collection
To simplify users for picking a date without requiring asking time.
Start Date Time and End Date Time will be used to calculate Coming Soon or Has Ended
Below for more explanations

Add confirmation dialog box before deletion, marking complete, cancel participation

Start Date Time is updated for timezone offset, in this case UTC+7, so the fraction to substract would be 7/24 = 0.291666666666667

If your timezone is UTC+11, the fraction would be 11/24

End Date Time is updated by adding how many days between Start Date and End Date and added 1 day and minus 1 second, this is to make sure the date would cover all the hours just before midnight. (1 second is 1/86400)


For those who want to login, you can use this credentials



Add Last Updated as replacement for Updated Date in Activities and Projects collection
Updated Date is always updated by system whenever adding or removing participants, so it will confuse the sorting.

Adding Demo Login, as Admin and as User
To simplify the testing and to reduce number of records created in users collection.

Adding Multi Language Support in the same screen
To do that there are 2 redirect screens for replacement of Welcome and Home screen.

So every text will be replaced with field’s content in Multi Language collection, so there is no need to duplicate multiple screens anymore.

Current available language is just 2 for now, English and French.

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Add Chat to Admin in Project Detail
Add Tasks linked to Activity
Add Chat to Participant from Admin to confirm Proof of Done Task

Building blocks of this app.

Project works as container of all activities and its derivatives, can only be created by Admin(s)

Activity is what all users are focusing, this is where all things happened, including tasks which can be rewarded by points.

Users must choose to participate in activity to make comments and replies, as well as be assigned for Task which can have reward.

Task will be calculated based on Planned Date in Activity and when marked as Done will be confirmed by other participants and will be checked by the Admin of the project.


Lots of changes here

Differentiate Project Admin and App Admin
Project Admin can create projects to be used for Activity but cannot create more of Project Category and Task Tags, these 2 additional information are used later for statistic.
Only App Admin can create those 2 collections.

Example of Project Category and Task Tags in French language,

compressed 2021-11-16 at 7.34.56 AM (1)

Add Quote and Help to onboard new users which can be turn on or off at the App Bar for some screens

Change the permission for Comment and Reply, these features are available to any users, previously only participants.

Discussion are only available to those who participate

Reasoning behind this app is Adalo is very quick to do iteration and can execute logic for data that is stored in relationship tables, so more complex app can be facilitated, why more complex, because it will attend to more needs and make both the app owners and users are satisfied with the process, fewer slipped communication, fewer duplicate data, more structured.

If the app processes are too generic, it can easily be facilitated with existing apps that have been around for some time.

The advantage of building new apps in Adalo is to fill the empty gap of generic process.

The Community Support app is chosen due to its impact and usefulness, if configured properly can bring value to its users and the community that is using it.

So, Komun app is a way to organize and communicate activities within the community.

It can be extended to include gated information, even marketplace between community members, as long as the real goal is achieved many features can be added later on.

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Calendar replacement as date picker when adding project.

compressed 2021-12-09 at 2.12.01 PM (1)

By default, add new project button will make start date for tomorrow and end date for next week, assuming most of community project cannot be started instantly, so tomorrow is the default selection and to get more quality result at least a week is recommended, so default selection for end date is a week from start date.

date without background = cannot be selected as they are before today
date with light blue background = can be selected
date with light red background = start date/end date selected
date with red background = dates between start date and end date

Adding project can only be done as Project Admin, in this case, login as

Pros :

  1. Customized color, visibility and conditional actions

Cons :

  1. More complicated logic
  2. Additional collections
  3. Need more records than just 50 records

+1 to show my support to @Yongki


This is awesome, man. I could see this being used in a lot of different ways. Thanks for making this.


Your component Stringify is helpful, it can be a shortcut to get year, month and date easily, cut some logic process.

If I can find a function to convert from string to numbers, it can be used for filtering or visibility.

It feels nice to be in the giving and answering side, because several life times ago, I was in observer seat for way too long.


Hi @Yongki. Just want to say thanks, the workaround to get a ‘full day’ event in the calendar was really helpful!

Hi @greco1899 ,

Thanks for your kind words.

Hello guys,

I’m trying to understand a bit the “Calendar Collection”.
Does anyone has understood how he subdivised year 2022 in his DB ?
My first understanding was that he divided the year by months with 30 days / 31 / 28 but it wasn’t that.
If you’ve an idea I’ll be very happy to understand that !
Thanks for reading me :))

Hi @Yunae ,

The Week Calendar collection is pre populated first, it can be done through spreadsheet then imported.

Year collection can be added easily and is used to get starting number of first day of that year.

Date in Year is to get Month name from a number which is a date.

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thank you

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