Calling Mixpanel API

My question is somewhat similar to Adding custom events to Mixpanel through Zapier. I have started with Adalo Mixpanel integration but I need more granular events / properties so I’m trying to add custom actions to call the Mixpanel track event API (

The problem is, Mixpanel has their unique ID representation of users (called distinct id). This means that if I use the track event API, it logs an event in Mixpanel but that event has no relationship with the other events that Adalo sent to Mixpanel on the same Adalo user (such as user sign in).

My question is, is there any way to either pass in the “right” distinct ID in this API call or do something else in Adalo so that I could track my custom events (on the same user) in addition to what is already done in Adalo ↔ Mixpanel integration?

The distinct ID is in the format adalo_app.user_id
So split out the integer to the right of the “.”
Or combine them, and you have what you need.

What are you trying to track? There isn’t much that MixPanel doesn’t track.

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Thank you @Rozza this is extremely helpful!
To my knowledge, I can’t find a way to pass in metadata to what Adalo ↔ MixPanel integration has.
In my case an example is a single audio page can play different songs and the song name is an example of metadata I’d like to track (ex: which song was played), and this is my motivation for the custom action. If there is a way to pass in this metadata (without my calling custom action) that would be ideal.

OK I see. I haven’t had the need to pass params but from looking at the JSON that mixpanel receives, no params are passed. So I think you are on the right track, glad I could help somewhat with the ID. Will you let us know if you get it done? I’m interested to see how it goes.

so it “kind of” works:

  • it is able to send the event to MixPanel and associate that event with the right user
  • however, the same event gets sent multiple times (this custom action is supposed to be triggered on screen enter) as discussed in here - Mixpanel custom events, in my case sometimes same data appears 2 times and other times 4 times - it’s workable, its just making the MixPanel data very noisy… :frowning:

Attaching an image for others for future reference if they want to try the same route.

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