Adding custom events to Mixpanel through Zapier

Hey there. I have currently an native app running on mobile and noticed the Mixpanel integration pushes standard events such as button clicks etc. into Mixpanel. Also it runs an identify whenever the user logs into the app.

My question is: I have some Zapier automations running (eg when someone books a coaching session through an external service called Calendly I push this data into the Adalo database). I wanted to add an extra step to this automation (and potentially to more afterwards), but I only have the option to send event to Mixpanel or update/create a user within Mixpanel. For both these functions I have to retrieve the distinct_ID from Mixpanel. I can’t figure out how to retrieve the distinct_ID from Mixpanel. Who knows how to get this distinct_ID (which is inside Mixpanel for every user, so it must be generated by Adalo when they perform an identify).

Would be very helpful if someone can point me in the right direction.

Is this the same thing as the Adalo User ID?

Hi @Ben this is another unique ID. See more here:

So DistinctID is MixPanel’s primary key for the User Profile and it’s generated by them. I don’t know how you retrieve it but I just set it programmatically when we create a new Adalo user via Zapier via our lead form on our site. I set it to the user’s email at that time. If it the user already exists in MP I’m guessing there’s a way to query it via Zapier based on the email property… Another option: they just rolled out their next iteration of their identity management stuff called “Identity Merge” and now expose tools to be able to marry accounts that represent the same person stored under separate ID’s thereby solving the false uniques issue in MP:

I have yet to use that Identity Merge feature but that would be another option: just forget about it up front and have a post-process to clean things up and marry accounts based on those identifiers later. Post whatever you do if you figure something out and I’ll do the same. We’re going to have to solve this at some point ourselves.

Hey, not sure if this is still something you’re looking for help with but I managed to figure this out this week. We’ve been trying to send events into Mixpanel through custom actions and managed to get an event attributed to the correct distinct id by adding it as a property in the JSON as follows:

"properties": {
    "distinct_id": {{id}}

Hope this helps. Have you been successful in sending events in Mixpanel through Zapier? The issue we’ve run into now is that we can’t send our own event name into Mixpanel through the JSON in the API call - every event comes through as a generic “Custom Action” event. Still working on this.

@LOH But the “id” value in that case is coming from Adalo and is presumably the unique ID for that user? That would work as long as you’re manually creating the user in MixPanel upon signup and setting that distinct ID yourself but if you’re just using Adalo’s MixPanel integration the Distinct ID in MP will be set by MP won’t match Adalo’s ID. So did you manually create the user in MP I’m assuming in order to make that work?

Yes given the way the Adalo/MP integration works it will log every event with generic names like Link, Link Back, Create, Update, etc. If you’re able to successfully log the event though through a Custom Action and can pass a property with the event name you can use a formula to do something useful with it in MP. I show how to do this here in using the screen name combined with the event name to determine when someone has applied for one of our events in MP:

Hey, did you work out a solution to this?