Can a button change an input?

I would Like to change the input to the current jobs name, but can only access a count right now.

Hi @LoneWolf ,
Where are you adding the “Change input value action”? It seems you added to the list itself in the click actions? Are you trying to change for the current job name without entering the current job just by selecting in the list?

Group the components inside the list and add this change input value action to that group and you can access current job details!

So in my app there are a lot of jobs and I would like to have a list of jobs and than once a job is selected it takes you to a list of people who have that job/ employee’s, but I don’t want like 30 lists. So I’m wondering if you could make one list filter another, and so far the only solution I’ve come up with is to change input 1 with a button. Can this be done? Also let me know if this explanation made any sense.

So when you click on the job it goes to a new screen and in that screen you need to show the workers for that clicked job? You should access current job data on that screen and then you can filter the workers list by that data! How’s your database setup for this jobs and workers?

Ah ok so you have a text property on the employees collection to store the user’s job. How you are updating that property? With the Jobs collection record right?


And earlier you suggested grouping, but for some reason I cant add the components to the group, they wont move. Never happened before?
Screenshot 2022-06-23 072357

To add new components to a group select the group and click there dots and click on Un-Group and then while clicking on the shift key select the other components and click make a group!

Ah then in your Employees list you can add a filter that Job > is equal to > Current Job > Name ( property where the job name stored )

And to access current job data you need to come from a screen that has a list that connected to the job list.

I think in here creating a One to Many relationship between the Employees collection and the Jobs collection and store the employer’s job will be good because if you change a job’s name and then a employer that has this job has the past job name and the filters will not work except if you change that employer/employees record/records job name.

Thank you

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