How to change or reference input fields inside a list

hi, I’m trying to make a list of tasks that offers in-line editability.

I want the send button to appear only if the task name is different than the text field (“Task task name” is the text input, which is shows the task name by default)

I want the send button to replace the task name with the contents of the text field.

In both cases, I can not reference current task → input. I can only reference inputs outside of the list.

Any ideas?

Hi @Mitch-Pragmaflow ,

I made cloneable app here,
maybe it could spark an idea.

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Hi @Mitch-Pragmaflow,

In addition to @Yongki’s app which shows the idea:

I think that it’s possible to reference the Inputs’ values which are inside the list only by elements which are also inside the list. Also, one can only obtain the values from the inputs, but “Change Input Value” isn’t available.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks @Victor and @Yongki it seems that it’s as Victor said, I can’t change fields from inside the list which is a shame.

For some reason I didn’t originally have the option to read from them either but that resolved itself somehow.

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It happens to me countless times, I even didn’t realize it, but keep on doing it until successful or break is one of my habits now. :grinning:

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