Input field in a list

Hi I’ve started recently so my Q might be silly, but I’m struck and need help:
I want an user to add a new element of a simple list with a button (done)
then i want the user to input the name of that element directly on the list (done with and input text field)
The user can add as many elements as he wants (ok)
And finally give ok and go to the next screen (here is the problem)
My problem is that it doesn’t save the names of the different elements
I understood that to connect a simple input text field to a parameter, you need a specific action (other/change input value), but the problem here is that I don’t want to save each element individually, and if I use a final overall button (as I’m trying) there isn’t the change value option and I can’t connect the specific input to the specific element
any advise?

hi @Alessandro.ferrarese :wave:
welcome to the community! it is a little hard to understand your problem here so could you maybe explain with a screen shot or a video? As I understood, you want to use an input field to add items to a list and clear the input after each save then use a button to move to the next screen. But why should this button have anything to do with saving items? and why shouldn’t you save them individually?

is this close to what you are trying to do?

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Hi, I solved more or less the same way of your video.
In my original idea, I had only a “add” button, at each click a new element of the list was created with a placeholder name (and other parameters), and I wanted the users to modifify the name and the other parameters directly on the list. More or less like in this screen:
The hard part was to connect each text input field (“name”) with the element of the list, and to save all with the “ok” button, I really didn’t figure out how to achieve it, so I just changed the design

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