Can Adalo be used to make a story app

Hi. First time posting here and a potential buyer. What I want to know is if Adalo can be used to make a short story app. I want to make short stories/Flash fiction, and post them as updates to my app. I know I can do IAP’s, but how would I go about making the text area to input the story, or perhaps even upload it as a PDF?

Could I simply make a text box and upload the story that way?


Yes- you can just have a text area display the story. You’d probably want to get a bit fancier if you want to format the text and there are various ways you can do that. But all what you say is possible.

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We made a video about a book app before, this might be useful - How to Iterate Through a List in Adalo - YouTube

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Yep. I’m seeing that it can as I go along. Thanks you two!

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