Is Adalo a good option to create a Kindle like app?

Hello everyone! I’m trying to figure out if Adalo would be the best option for me to create an app with it’s own content. I’m going to upload loads of literature texts and I want every single word to be clickable with a translation, a picture and a pronunciation provided for all of them - the same way it is with Kindle. Also there is also supposed to be narration for the texts provided in 3 speeds for each page: slow, medium and natural speed - or as an alternative a customized bar where the reader could regulate the speed. It is a language learning app as you might have already guessed. Forgive me if I wasn’t clear enough with my explanations. English isn’t my first language. Looking forward to any of your responses!

I’m not sure but I think it’s not possible. Large amounts of text are slowing down the app and editor. It’s more for CRUD apps (create, record, update and delete). Text is not linkable with hyperlinks to switch pages of the app or open an image. that needs to be done with invisible buttons overlaying the text, but then again the text is not really formattabele.

It can be done, but you have to create private components. The most important challenge is text to speech, which you can achieve with a service like AWS (What is Text to Speech – Amazon Web Services (AWS))


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