Can I build Cameo Like App Using Adalo?

Hi Adalo Community,

I’m coming with a stupid question. I recently discovered Adalo and impressed by what capable of it.

I started to practice.

Can an application like Cameo be developed on the Adalo platform?

here is the link:

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Without knowing the features thoroughly it’s ahrd to say but from what I read in the description I would say it’s basic functionality works similarly to a marketplace-type app. So yes, this would be completely possible within Adalo.

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Thank you for your answer.

One more question.

When I started a marketplace app, how transaction management work? There are buyers and sellers on both sides. And there are marketplace owner commissions for each purchase. Let’s say it is %35 percent marketplace commissions.

Are there any resources about this transaction management? How can I deliver the rest ( %65 ) to the seller in my marketplace app?

My Bests

Please check our documentation here:

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Thanks. But stripe is not an option for me. Because Stripe doesn’t support the country I want to build a marketplace. This means merchants do not bother to start a international company to open a stripe Account.

As a marketplace owner, I can open a stripe account with a UK company however I need a simple solution for merchants.

Stripe is our only supported integration at the moment for payments. Your only alternative right now is to build something yourself through the use of an API for another payment gateway or have a custom component made to do this for you.

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