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Hey Adalo Community,

Is it possible to build a Marketplace app like Fiverr or Upwork in Adalo. Curious to know before I buckle down.

Hi Franscois,

Yes, probably you could depending on the features you want. :slight_smile:

Hi @Franscois and @James_App_Maker Iā€™m also curious about setting up a marketplace for my users. What payment services are Adalo currently set up with? Stripe, paypal? Is it also possible to have it set up so that Group A users are able to pay Group B users and we, as the platform, get a % of it as well?

Thanks in advance

Hi Synthslave,

  1. Stripe is available in the marketplace, but for PayPal, (@minriemacapugay), has a PayPal component available for $99.

  2. This might be possible.

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Thanks for the info @James_App_Maker Much appreciated

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