Can I create a popup oral screen that disappears after a set time?

I’m trying to create my own in-app advertising. I want to do this with a modal popup screen that appears randomly and disappears after a few seconds. Is anything like this possible?

The ads will be stored in a collection. And I understand there is a ‘randomizer’ function to make random items from a collection appear.

I can design the modal ad screen, and I can designate where it will appear in the flow. But how do I make the ad screen only load randomly, perhaps once per day per user?

And then, how do I make the screen disappear automatically after a fixed period (maybe 5 seconds)?

If my strategy is not workable, is there another way to do what I’m trying to do?

Thanks so much as always!


One way you could do this is by:

  1. Adding a date/time field in the users collection,
  2. Put a hidden timer in the designated pages you have said where after 1 second it links to the advertisement using the modal animation,
  3. Add a visibility rule where the timer shows when current time is after the date/time field,
  4. You show the advertisement and have another hidden timer for 5 seconds, when countdown finishes the actions are to update user date/time field to add 24 hours, to do this you will need to click the magic function on that field, click ‘Date & time’ then ‘Current time’ and put ‘+1’ after it to add 24 hours. The second action is the link back.

Once the user sees the ad, after 5 seconds 24 hours will be added to the date/time and whenever the user comes back after 24 hours they will see the ad, that is the reason why you are adding 24 hours to the current time rather than adding 24 hours to the time they had last seen the ad as the user can come back after 2 days but 24 hours will be added to the current time they are seeing the ad.

I hope this helps you for what you need to do.

Kind regards,


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