File Download DB URL?

Hello, I have uploaded a PDF to my database and want to setup a button to download the specific pdf file. How can I link to it? Is there a way to obtain the url of the file?

I only know why to insert your file into, I may suggest you check out this Pdf file download - Help - Adalo

Hi, you can link directly to a file but it is not a download as such. It will open the file in the browser and then people can save it wherever they want to.

To do this, add a button to the list where you want to download a file, then add an action to the button. The action should be…


Then click the magic text button and select the following options (in this instance I have a room with a file as an example but yours would be whatever collection you have).

Now when you click the button it will open your file in the in-app browser.

If you want open it in a different browser then click advanced option and it will allow you to turn this off and it will open it in the default device browser.

Please mark this as the solution if it works for you and feel free to ask any questions.



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