Can I put icons in a collection?

I have a fairly small list (less than 10 items) in a collection. The number may grow, but not by many.

I wan’t each item to have its own icon (using the standard Adalo icons).

I feel like stacking 10+ icons together, and using visibility rules, might be too many and might affect performance.

Is there a way to put some kind of icon property in the collection? Or is there a better way to do this?

I like to use an image. Not sure if that helps, but it does give me the flexibility of having custom icons.

In this database, I have 2 collections: Support Tickets and Support Ticket Status.
Relationship: Support tickets can only have 1 status. A status can have multiple support tickets.

So for me, I set the image component to display the “Support Tickets > Support Ticket Status > Image”