Adding 3rd icon to card list?

Is it possible to add a 3rd icon to a card list?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Not using the ready built Adalo card list. But you can build your own and have it look exactly how you want it:

This is PERFECT from a design standpoint, but features available like ‘List Empty State’ and ‘List Search’ are not available in custom lists (that i can see). I tried using an input field to create a search bar, but I want it to function exactly like the built in list search and reference all fields…do you know if that is possible?

It’s all possible but possibly not elegent.

The list empty state is easy enough. You just add a Text (or whatever you want to show) underneath your custom list and make its visibility conditional on the noofrecords[WhateverYourSearchCriteriais] = 0

For the actual search, you can add a field to your collection called SearchString and populate it with the concatenation of all the fields you are interested in. Then you just add the search box and list items that SearchString contains [SearchParameter].

Awesome, I will give this a try. Thank you :slight_smile:

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