Can I re-order records within a collection?

I have a collection with a list of 12 records - one for each month of the year.

I have a second collection with 60 records. There are 5 records per month and they are linked together so when you click to enter into a month, eg January, you’re brought up with a secondary list (the 5 records from second collection).

Now, in time, I want to add new records to the second collection… so, for example, I want to add a 6th record to a month, but I want that new record to go to the bottom of the list when it opens up in the app. At the moment when I add a new record it appears at the top of the list.

Is there a way to dictate where each record appears in the second collection?

Does that make sense?! I’ve attached some photos that hopefully explain.

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Sort the list as Created Date - Oldest to Newest.

Aghhhhh Dilon thank you so much! That was really beginning to worry me!

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Oh no… I’ve come unstuck… I added a test record and when I filter oldest to newest it then moves around the other ones… Image attached (celebrations should be the top one). Guessing this is because the way I originally uploaded them all so they would appear in this order.

Any ideas?!

So ‘celebrations’ is at the top here in the photo, but there are 4 other records above it!

Sadly not… Image attached.
The order you see them here is the order I wanted them to appear in the list so I uploaded it all backwards at the start.
When I do ID low to high it would work it theory, but because I uploaded them backwards, it’s skewing it!
I think I’m going to have to reload all them aren’t I?! :frowning:

Thank you SO much for your help though, I really appreciate it!

Add an additional column - make sure its number based - and call it something along the lines of “custom order”

You can then number them in the order you’d like to appear and sort by your “customer order”. Involves a bit of work involved if you want to re-arrange them but it should do the trick


Thank you both so much - problem solved!!!

Dillon, thank you for all your help on the clone too - much appreciated!

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