Reorder Database Colletions

Hello, that´s my Database Colletions, and att this moment thats dificult Reorder that, because when we start we have done by separated build sections, and when we refresh the adalo screen , all takes other organization.

We have try put numbers to reorder… and nothing…
And this is only half of Database Colletions we go need in this project…

Is insane work on in like that way…

Any Help? Idea? …

Hi @dksstudios,

Reordering the collections as we want is not possible as far as I’m aware at the moment, unfortunately. You can vote here : Sort Collections | Voters | Adalo

Hope this will be available soon!

Thank you

yes @dilon_perera , i think only “try to vote that” for this will be implemented in the future.
Thanks for your reply.
Best Regards

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