Can I replace a published PWA with an edited copy

I made a copy of my published PWA app and made some edits. Can I replace the original version with the edited version?

No, you would need to get the PWA from the new link of your ‘copy’

Thank you.
Based on your answer, I unpublished the original; changed the name of the copy to match the original and published the copy to the same domain as the original.
My users were able to close the app on their phone and when they reopened it, they were in the new version.
Not sure if this is the most efficient way to do it but it appears to be working :crossed_fingers:

Ahah, Publishing to custom domain… I didn’t quite understand that aspect - you have done it the right way :+1:

Thanks, still new to this. I will learn to be more specific :grinning:
I appreciate your help.

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