PWA - handling "Development" and "Live"

How are people with webapps and PWAs handling making changes to “live” apps without breaking changes?

Am sure somebody must have done this?

My thought was to make a copy and then switch via DNS? Anything I have missed?

This is a long term project that is on our roadmap. The ability to switch between dev and production environments.

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Thoughts on copy app … Make changes … Publish to live domain ?

From my perspective, this is a viable solution although I am not sure if there are any technical side effects of it as my understanding of DNS’s is very low.

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I don’t recommend copying the app, because when you later implement it on yours you’re very likely to forget to add specific custom actions. I just create it on the client’s app and test each change right away. (only works if it has little users)

Actually I was thinking of copying the data…somehow.

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