Best practices on editing a live PWA

As I understand it, edits to a PWA (using the Adalo editor) are instantly pushed to anyone who has the bookmark on their home screen.

Once I start sharing my PWA, and people are actually using it, what are some suggestions for how to edit and test changes without disrupting my users’ experience? I have some ideas, but I’d like to hear from those with experience in this.

For example, I think it might be best to copy a screen or screens I want to edit, test it fully, then replace the existing screen with the new one once I’m happy with it. This could still be a little messy, and would have to be done quickly, but might give the least disruption.

Another option would be to duplicate my whole app setup, edit it at my leisure, then periodically announce a short down time while I replace everything.

These are just my first thoughts. Does anyone have practical suggestion’s they’ve found to be workable?

It depends on the complexity of what you’re modifying. It’s all situational.

If the app is working well but you want to completely redo a lot of things within app, it may be best to duplicate it first and leave the other one running while you work on the new one. I’d clone it and share the database to not lose any data unless you want to start over from scratch.

If the app has major issues, fixing the live pages would be fine.

If you’re just testing things and playing around to see what’s best for specific screens, clone the screens and replace the old ones once you’re satisfied.

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