Can I track the last time a user logged in?

Is it possible for me to see the last time a user logged in to my app? I don’t need to keep the history, just date and time of the most recent login.


  • Just create a new date/time field under your user collection.

  • Have a fake home screen that on app launch has a page load action that updates the new date/time field you created to the current date/time.

  • Create a second action underneath the previous one and have it link to your actual Home Screen.

Does this make sense? If not, I can make a quick video.


Great idea! Thanks.

I’ve seen this “fake Home Screen” technique before, in answer to a few other questions. But would it also work if I just put the date/time field on the actual home screen and then set the field to never be visible? Would the field still load and be functional?


Could I put the date/time field on the actual home screen and set the background and font colors to be the same as the screen background color?

Either way should render the field invisible to the user, right?

A third option would be to let that field remain visible to the user, with a label like “your last login was X date”. I’ve seen that on some apps.

Here ya go! Hope this clears it up:


That’s a great explanation!

You seem to have a great knowledge about Adalo, do you happen to know a solution for the gap at the bottom of the screen ?


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