Ensure users are landing on Home screen daily

Hey Friends! How can I ensure that users go to the Home screen each day? Is this automatic? Or will the app stay on the screen they left it on?

My current home screen is a blank screen with some logic I need to run each day.

When they open app they will be directed to home screen. If they leave app open they may not be directed there.

One solution - make a date/time property under user called ‘LastVisited’.

Have action on home screen update logged in user > last visited > current time.

Then have a conditional action on other screens - Link to homescreen IF Logged in user > Last Visited > is before 1 day ago

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Hi @theadaloguy,

I wonder if this “on-screen-enter” action works automatically when app is “not unloaded” and user re-opens the running app the next day :slight_smile:
It’ll definitely work when user tries to do something, of course :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.


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