Can I use Adalo to create an app for both mobile and desktop/web at the same time?

I signed up today. It seems like a great platform, but I had some questions before I signed up and there was no way of getting answers to them without joining.

I want one platform which allows me to be able to create and manage users for mobile and desktop. Is this something I could do with Adalo? I ask because after I signed it, the system asked me to make some choices, and one of the choices was if I wanted a native mobile app or web app?

Please let me know if this is possible?

Thank you.

Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the Community!

Once you create a native or web app, when you create the web app for advanced options you need to select a shared database with the native app.

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much :), especially for super fast response.

Glad I can help! Good luck with your app!

Hi James, If I have already gone past those initial first steps, can I change the setting to share the database or would be easier for me delete the app and start a new one. I have just joined so apart from selecting a template, I have done no work on it yet.

Yes, you would have to delete the current app and start all over. But make sure you select share database when setting up the app!

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