Are web apps created with Adalo mobile friendly? ie: If I don't need the hardware phone sensors for my app to work, is there a need to make 2 separate apps using Adalo?

EDIT: I see now that when I make a project, I can choose to share databases… So I guess it’s just a business/design choice as far as which one to make first.

I guess what I’m asking is…

I need a web app, I don’t need a native mobile app yet.

But when that day comes, is the plan to start a second project in Adalo that’s completely independent? I imagine I won’t be able to share back end data?

So then I guess I have the native app write to its own database and then sync the data over?

Just curious how to go about this using Adalo

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Currently our Web Designed apps are most responsive when a single column is used. We recognize this is an area of opportunity for us when designing dashboards and multi-column screens.

Your best bet is to design a web based app as you’d like with a web URL then share the database and create a mobile version either in native or PWA.

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