Can I use APIs?

Can I use APIs on this site???

Hi @konpoku, yes you can use external APIs with Adalo as a part of the Pro plan.

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Thank you

I am now pro plan

Is there tutorials for external APIs???

An error occurred when calling Get All

Could not find any results. Are you sure the Results Key is correct? You can update that by going back and clicking into “Get All”

What is this??? how to fix it???

Oh I solved this question by myself

I think I need some tutorial videos for using external APIs

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Hey man, same error here. Any thoughts?

How did you fix this error?

You have to make sure that you define a key if the data is nested inside a array or collection :slight_smile:

I tried with this

But I can’t fetch data under Global and What if its not nested? what should I do then?

Thank you. adding the name for the nested data in the “results key” of the Get All endpoints worked for me. Being new to APIs and JSON, spelling things out plainly is a lifesaver!