Can i use App Badging API

hello, I’m trying to get the icon on my desktop to show a count of events. i have seen that a web app can do this in google chrome using App Badging API. any details on how to do this in documents or tutorials?

trying to use

@Experts @Leaders @moderators Can anyone help with @rjp01’s question?

Any one have any experience with this?

If you were fortunate enough to have installed the Arbitrary Javascript component from the PragmaFlow Marketplace before it was shut down again then you should be able to do it. This trick works for PWA mode only.


Thanks so much for your reply! I was not lucky enough :slight_smile:

No problem, I spoke to Adalo yesterday and we will be back online permanently soon. Sign up for mailchimp here to know when, or just check back on the forums.

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