Can I use AWS service(s3, mongoDB) in order to showing images in LIst?

I am developing an Ios mobile app with Adalo!
Now, I want to change my plan (Free -> Paid) because I want to use AWS backend service with API.

However, I don’t know what adalo can do and it cannot do, with AWS service (I want to use [not Relational Data Base] like MongoDB).
Can anyone show me? Thank you!

P.S. I read the adalo document(, however I can’t find how to integrate with non relational DB.

Hi there, this should be possible using an API call to AWS RDS or MongoDB and parsing the data to a custom list with an image URL.

Now that said, you should consider speed performance (loading time) as you’re fetching an external database.

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I have never personally tried this set up but I cannot see a reason why it wouldn’t work. Using an external collection would be best as you could then use that in a list to display images via URL.

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