Can I use something other than email in a relationship to users collection?

I know how to add a relationship between one collection and the users collection. But when I open that other collection and try to choose a user, Adalo only seems to let me find users by the “email” field.

I’d like to use something else, like user name or another field that I created. Email address is not very helpful for identifying who did what.

Is it possible to change this default setting?

Hi @MikesClub,

It’s because the first property is the Email Property! You can drag the property you like to visible in the relationship to the top! Try that and see!

Thank you

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it’s true, i’ve had the same problem because i put a true/false component in the first place of a collection and they always show as an empty space :joy:

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Such an obvious solution! I should have thought of that! Thanks so much.

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