Record User ID in related database instead of User Email


I have an app that records users entry.

There is a User Collection, obviously, and then a Daily Record Collection.

I have a relationship property between the two collections where each user can have multiple daily records.

This is needed so that I can check that each user only makes one daily entry.

The issue is I need to retain a level of anonymity in the recorded data.

When the user makes some selections, the Daily Record Collection is updated. This means that the user’s email gets added to the Daily Record - as seen below in “logged in user”.

Is there any way to have this be the User ID instead of the user email?

This would be better for the anonymity issue I need in the data.

I don’t seem to be able to change anything in that field when creating the entry.

Thanks as always for the help!

You are being shown email because that is the first column in your user table, if you re-order the columns and put ‘name’ first, then this is what will be shown. The relationship is actually based on the user id. So long as your permissions are properly set then the email will not be exposed.

Check the adalo documentation for Collection Permissions.

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Thanks @Rozza. I would like to use User ID, though, not name - I would like it to be anonymous. And I can’t access that in the list of properties of Users - unless I am missing something.

Ok - solved it, I think - I moved “Username” to the top, which I never had the user create in the first place so it is blank!

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