Can someone explain Adalo hosting?

I searched all over the website, but can’t find anything about Adalo hosting. Adalo’s data storage is super expensive, so I would use an external cloud storage for my data. How many users can the $50/month plan hold on a video sharing app?

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I asked for future data storage cost details, because there reply “If you need more we will contact you and offer you additional storage with additional cost”, but I don’t know why not just leave us the pricing details.

They sent me a link to the pricing page when I contacted support. I want to build my MVP on this app, but I won’t be able to without more info on hosting.

You are only paying for the data in your database.

If you have no data in your database then you would just pay the standard $50 to be able to publish the app I would assume.

I would use a 3rd party data storage because Adalo’s data storage is super expensive. There has to be a hosting limit, but they must hide the hosting limits because it’s super expensive too.

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