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Hey I’m new, considering making my application on adalo. I was trying to figure out what the whole pricing thing is. Does that mean we pay $50-$200 a month for the entire life of the application? Or is this just while you are building the application? Do you have to use their hosting services for once your done building can we export the application and upload it ourselves with our own hosting services. Also, if I have people creating profiles is that part of the 2gb of storage or is the 20gb referring to the pages and data on the app not including the users profiles? They don’t have a contact us area where I can ask these questions. I wouldn’t want to have to pay $200 a month for the next 10 to 20 years in order to have my app stay on the play store. I’m not sure how this whole things works. Can anyone explain?

It’s a monthly fee $50 or $200 depending on which plan you choose.

Storage is inclusive of all the data you app has (excluding the external data stored elsewhere).

Good thing about this pricing is, there’s no limit on the number of apps you can build with your account (except for the limitation on data, that’s shared across all the apps).

FYI, this pricing doesn’t include you App Store ($99/year) & Play Store ($25/year) fees.

You cannot export the code elsewhere.

Hope that makes it clear.


Okay so if I have 100 people create accounts on my app to buy stuff that is part of my available data? So we hat would mean only a couple hundred users could make profiles before I ran out of gb?

Depends on the type of data you have. If you don’t have any images or files, you can have around 5000 users without running out of data.

Is it possible to expand to 100gb or more? Also do our customers all have to sign up for stripe in order to make payments? Or will we be able to implement a credit card area that requires no additional sign ups or accounts? Is there an apple pay option, Google pay option or just stripe and each customer having to sign up for a stripe account? Sorry for asking so many questions just trying to make sure this is the write thing for me.

I just answered my own question, I just read on stripe customers do not need to sign up for an account, I thought they did my apologies. Just didn’t want to inconvenience customers with extra sign ups. Not having to do additional sign ups is awesome

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If you are on the Business plan & you are nearing 20 GB’s, the support team will email you to add more storage to your account.

No. (i saw that you already answered it :slight_smile: )

There is an IAP component in the marketplace.

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