Why won't Magic Text show all fields?

Hello! I’d be so appreciative to anyone who can help me out with this! I am working on my app and am adding a simple Text Box. I want it to show a simple text field from a database. But it is only showing certain fields from the dataset. It appears to just be showing fields that have numbers and giving me options like, “sum” and “average.” I’ve attached the screenshot. Thank you SO much! I can’t seem to get past this.

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to display text from a collection that has a relationship with the Users collection. My custom collection has a text field and a number field, but only the number field can be displayed by magic text.

I can display display the username, full name, and email or the user, but I can’t display the text field in my custom collection.

Any ideas?


Hi @mainstagestudio, @BeautifullySimple,

In order to display the record’s value via magic text, you need to be able to access this exact record.
For example: I have an Airtable Images collection, and I have a screen with image list:

If I try to display some data from this collection outside of the list, I won’t be able to do it and will see similar results like you show (see the text with “Label”):

But when I move this text label inside the list, I’m able to get data for current record:

So, the rule of thumb is - in order to display the value from some property of the record, you need to have access to this record.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hello Victor! Thank you so much for your detailed help! It turns out that I was working on a screen that I had just created so it wasn’t linked to the previous screen to gather the data from. I really, really appreciate your help and insight! I’m excited to keep developing with Adalo!

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