Can we please get an alternative to admob?

As the title says… Ads can be a key component to how developers choose to monetize their apps created with Adalo. I personally have had many issues with Admob’s enforcement of policy (serving restrictions with no explanation) and would really like an alternative.

What would it take to build an integration to tapjoy or unity or ANY other ad serving network so we can have choice? I see new components being added to the marketplace and frankly we don’t need a 75th integration to ChatGPT or yet another accordion formatter (exaggeration to make a point). Please please please give us some other options for monetization otherwise a lot of us will just kill our ideas and move to another platform.

Hi! DId you solve the issue with admob?

No, Admob seems to have no actual people working there that you can contact. Everything redirects to a KB article that doesn’t have any contact info or way to even know what triggered a restriction. Please give us an alternative!