Can we use javascript in GET ALL results key?

Hi @ibrahim.i. Please see the comment above that has a link to the feature request related to this. By adding your upvote there you will be notified when this feature is available.

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@karimoo Hi did you find any better alternatives for a backend outside of Airtable? I’m getting stuck on trying to create a collection from an Airtable sync from this thread below…

If you got that response from one of your “technical” staff then it is a real worry.

Otherwise, it is not all that helpful as REST is a set of constraints, it says nothing about requiring square brackets.

The square brackets indicate an array. “Standard” JSON not only doesn’t exist but even if it did (which it doesn’t) you don’t need an array.

You chose, one assumes because Airtable works in this way, to force all APIs to return “records” as an array. This is really not the case.

I get this from an “External Collections” perspective (i.e. something that looks more or less like a database).

And I get that JSON is really hard to Parse automatically. Bubble still can’t do {“thing”:[“this”,“that”,“theother”]} after 5 years of moaning. Valid JSON, nightmare to parse.

But pushing it all onto your users as we are “Doing it wrong” feels a little unfair.

There are constraints (must have an array) and some quirks (zeros in a first record’s field) so I think it would be more helpful to detail these rather than having to guess.

So what do you put in the ResultsKey when the data you need is nested? so for instance 3 levels down?

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