Can you help me with Map Location issue?

I am running a feature on my app that allows users to “check-in,” which will update their “last known location.” However, the Google Marker is relating to the closest recognized address versus the actual location. As you can see in this screenshot, I am standing in a field, and the App shows me last by my user profile icon as being in the house north of the Blue Location beacon. When I change the Marker magic text to Latitude and Longitude, it does not resolve this issue. I would like for this to be able for users to update their location on a hiking trail that is devoid of addresses. What does the Marker location need to be set to for the location “stamp” to record them where they actually are?


I haven’t had cause to integrate live location to such detail.
But if I was trouble shooting this I would check live location on google maps native app. Note the lat/lon from there.

Compare that to the output Adalo component gives. Are there different decimals of accuracy in Adalo component?

Check any decimals of accuracy in each instance.

Is the actual location precisely due south of the api location on each occasion?

Oh yes, and I have a bug logged with regard to the location lookup component, so it is not infallible.

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