Is Google Map component down?

My locations were populating correctly this morning but as of this afternoon, it started showing the markers all over the place and as of few minutes ago, it’s showing an error message.


Hi Mosses,

This is could be a bug related to multiple factors.

  • Adalo
  • The component itself has a bug
  • Something on Google’s side is broken

I would just submit a support ticket for this.

Submitted support ticket. Thanks.

I will try to escalate this to the team as soon as possible today or tomorrow.

I’m going to mark this is not a solution because it hasn’t been fixed, and will confuse other makers who are having the same issue.

@James_App_Maker Sounds good. Actually, I figured out the bug. Since I’m in development mode, few of the new entries did not have an address. When I removed those entries, the markers started populating correctly. Seems there’s a logic issue. I believe when an address is missing on an entry, it is best to ignore it instead of removing all markers from the map.

Additionally, it would be great to provide a hint via a warning message that some entries have incorrect or missing addresses.

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