Real device location on map

Hello all.

It’s been a few weeks I’m working on adalo to achieve a mvp of my project.
I improve fast with help of officials tutorials and with the incredible help of this forum !
But i recognise I’m facing something i can’t find here about the new location features… certainly because it’s quite fresh !

I would like to get real device location to locate the exact position and not a nearby location.
When i choose the device location and display latitude and longitude it always give a nearest location given by Google (i move a few meters and still have the same datas). And thus a marker on a map is also a nearby location and not a real device location.

Just to know if i can achieve this or not… so that i stop spending hours to test or try to find any help around there.
Many thanks for any advice!


I had the same issue, adalo location seems to change the GPS coordinates to an adress nearby. They must make some extra search to get this becuase when I’m out in the woods I get coordinates pretty far from where I am.

But even if you are in a park in the city it pretty much makes it useless for my needs. Wish there were a checkbox for getting exakt location.

My solution is to use PragmaFlow location component to get coordinates and adalos map to show them. Hope this helps you.

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Great to hear I’m not the only one with that issue.
I will have a look at your solution to confirm it could be a workaround.
Hope adalo will improve the location feature with possibility to deal with real position.

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Hello !
After a few tests, even if I put real latitude and longitude coodinates in the adalo display map component, you still have a nearest location displayed on the map.
I think we have no choice than to wait for a new option with the location in adalo …

That is strange. And you are using Adalos map? I have mine set to “hybrid” dunno if that makes a difference…

Hello !
Is the pragmaflow install possible with free adalo account ?

Hi @Ledjeg,

Yep! Check this video made by Steven! : PragmaFlow's Adalo Marketplace Reopened - YouTube

For your question did you try adding the Full Address? I think you should Submit a Support Ticket

Thank you

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