Cannot connect Zapier to Adalo Account

Not sure if this is an Adalo issue or a Zapier issue so I am following up with both. I cannot connect Zapier to Adalo. I just get an error stating invalid email or password.

I have rechecked email address and passwords used.
Reset the Adalo password.
Logged in and out.
Used different browsers.
Disabled antivirus and pop-up blockers/ ad blockers.

Has anyone else experienced this or know how to solve?


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I was also getting this error yesterday. I changed my password and removed Adalo app within Zapier and attempted to re-add. It said wrong username/or password. but that was obviously not right since i was logged into Adalo account with those same credentials.

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I’m not sure who’s issue this is, but I too wasn’t able to login to the Adalo integration with Zapier. I’ve sent over a ticket for our dev team to follow up and review!

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Thanks for the heads up everyone, we apologize for the hiccup, but the issue has been fixed!


I can confirm that I was just able to connect to Adalo app within my Zapier account. :slight_smile:

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So… while I can now connect to adalo within Zapier. The Zap itself it not authenticating.

Status Code 401 Unauthorized
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2020
Problem: : Zapier can’t connect to your app account because your password was changed, or Zapier’s access was revoked.
Solution: : reconnect your app account to Zapier.

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Thanks for the assistance. All working fine now. No additional issues from my side.

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I can’t connect with Zapier due to the same symptoms. Can you tell me how it was resolved?