Cannot see "current posts" when filtering visibility

I trying to follow tutorial by Michael Lonita. I was going to use the simple in the Adalo however I kind of over sold Michael’s version and now they want that what’s app feeling. I at the point where we want to create the create chat button changing visibility. I am not seeing the same menu flow that he has in videos. In this video he does not mention anything about posts being in data structure. I added it and properties. I am not sure if that is the problem though. please see screenshots of what video shows and what I see as well my data structure. Look forward to your help. Thanks
What’s on video

What i see

Hi @shonesto,

You don’t see that because you didn’t linked the Posts list to that screen and no current post data!

Once you add a Link action you should see the current post data!

Thank you

Thanks again. I will do that. While I was waiting for response I started to add the Instagram feature that Michael also has a video for. In that video is a part that he left out in the chat video which is creating many to many for users in the users collection. Also the posts collection and it’s properties. I am determined to complete this app. Thanks to all of you guys in the support forum

Moving forward. I trying to add the profile image in the user profile screen for current user and all I see is logged in user under the database option

It’s because you didn’t link the card list to that screen and linked to the chatroom’s screen!

If you link the list to the User Profile screen you will see Current User > Details!

And I think you don’t to link the list to chatroom’s screen and you can add that button group on the User Profile screen like Micheal did!