Available Data missing


I’m having a few issues today with data not being available when I move to a new screen.

I have a screen which has a button on it called “Create Post”. The action for the button it to create a post record in the database, set it to draft and then a second action to Link to the New Post Screen.

The Link action has ‘Current Post’ listed. However I can’t access the current post (just created) from the New Post screen. Am I doing something stupid here? I’ve not had an issue before.

All Post screen with New Post Button

New Post screen, with no access to the post we just created


You have a link to the ‘Social - New Post Modal’ screen on each of the 3 screens mentioned (Bookmarks, Following, Likes) . Find those links and remove them, or make sure the list all available data exists on those screens too. You have to trace each one back in that case.


I though that’s what’s was implying but didn’t really think so as none of those screens need to link to this one. I’ll trace it back and work it out. Will let you know.


Easily done, not so easy to find always.
It’s often a copied button or a copied screen with a link action on load.

Bingo that worked. Thanks

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