Data set up is hella weird

i have followed the same tutorial on how to make a home page to show posts of people your following, but for some reason they dont show up, adalo knows images are supposed to be thier but their are no images just box, where the images were supposed to go, weirdly enough even if i dont set any filter at all just all posts, nothing shows up. whats going on???

Can you share a cloneable version of your app or your possibly some screen shots?

You have to set the list to show information from the collection you are pulling this data from. It’s hard to give you a solution with the information youve provided.

Hi Cube,

I think you have followed the Instagram tutorial made by Micheal right? And you have added the Card List to the Home screen. Try again like this.

Thank you

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Thank you so much, your a life saver

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also nice minecraft house 10/10 :+1::+1::+1:

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