Can't display user information

okay, i’ve been building my taxi app for over a week now, (new user) and for some unknown reason it wont display current bookings / User information

it worked fine on my first test app but not on my final build, but now its just blank

i have tried everything, please help

Sounds like missing linked data.
Check your screen ‘Accept or Decline’, under the Available Data accordion.

Easily happens if you duplicate a screen or copy it for a quick backup before making changes, the links to that ‘Accept or Decline’ will all need checking.
Screenshot 2022-08-19 at 10.45.28

It’s not missing any data, i am really stumped, its just not making a connection between users and bookings even though the rest of the app works perfectly. just wont display Current bookings > user > information

i fixed it after like 10 hours of trying

turns out that: when you create or update a booking, you need to update the relationship to connect to the logged in user on clicking the submit button

simple but stupid

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