I don't know why it isn't working please help!

so I’ve been trying to get the app to working for months now but every time something is missing like
so I’m making this Uber eats clone type thing right and both the restaurants and customers are made to be users in that. The problem arises when we like put the navigation bar it doesn’t show the Restaurant/the users name but that problem fixes as soon as we put “create order” as for the both customer and restaurant but if we do that another problem arises when we do that. We can’t see the Order details page if we do that and we’ve been going back and forth with that and I’m getting stressed out cause of this, we want to finish this please if there is anyone that can help me with these please help.

Can you post pictures of the issue please so we can better see the process? When I have issues like these it’s usually related to data not being available in the screen.

Will post it tonight and yes it’s cause the data is missing, is there another way to fix that

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